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Cavanal Hill World Energy Fund (APWEX) included on Schwab OneSource Select List® for Q1 2018

Company Release - 2/26/2018 4:11 PM ET

TULSA, Okla., Feb. 26, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cavanal Hill World Energy Fund (APWEX) chosen by Schwab to be on the 2018 Q1 Schwab Mutual Fund OneSource Select List®.

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Matt Stephani, Senior Equity Portfolio Manager and manager of the fund states, “We believe we are standing on the cusp of the most dramatic increase in energy usage the world has ever seen. We believe crude oil, natural gas, biofuels, and renewables will see significant demand growth in the coming years. In addition, we feel ancillary energy plays such as transportation, energy services, and infrastructure are likewise poised for dramatic and sustainable growth. Accordingly, we believe the launch of the Cavanal Hill World Energy Fund is designed to provide investors with a flexible and versatile platform to potentially benefit from these trends.”


Despite recent excitement over the development of nontraditional energy sources in the United States, worldwide demand for energy is set to outpace production for the foreseeable future. Urbanization of agrarian societies, expansion of access to electricity in developing nations, and continued proliferation of automobiles will sustain a significant worldwide need for energy in all of its forms.

Evidencing these trends, China is planning to move 250 million people from rural areas into cities over the next 12 years, this will create ten new cities the size of Shanghai. 1.2 billion people are currently without electricity, and the United Nations has made it a priority to rectify this situation. The International Transport Forum projects that the number of automobiles worldwide will increase dramatically, from 1 billion vehicles today to 2.5 billion in 2050.

Against this backdrop, the Cavanal Hill Funds complex created the World Energy Fund (the Fund) in 2014 so investors can take advantage of what we believe is the coming end of cheap energy. Cavanal Hill Investment Management Inc., the advisor to the Fund, is strategically based in the epicenter of the U.S. energy industry. From this vantage point, Cavanal Hill has the knowledge and experience to understand the energy industry and its influence on global economic growth and development.

Brian Henderson, President of Cavanal Hill Investment Management noted, “Unlike other energy sector funds, which mostly focus on large-cap stocks or master limited partnerships in the oil and gas industries, the Cavanal Hill World Energy Fund may invest wherever its investment management team believes the best energy-sector opportunities reside. This includes equity and fixed income securities, whether domestic or international, and investments in both conventional and renewable energy companies. The fund’s managers have the ability to shift allocations between these different investments as market conditions change. The fund has no market capitalization restrictions, allowing it to invest in everything from established global energy companies to smaller, innovative companies.”

The fund is managed using a team approach combining expertise from Cavanal Hills equity, fixed income, and quantitative strategies. Fund managers include Matthew Stephani, CFA, Michael Maurer, CFA, and Thomas “Wes” Verdel, CFA.

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Investment Risks
Equity securities (stocks) are more volatile and carry more risk than other forms of investments, including investments in below investment-grade fixed income securities. Fixed income securities are subject to interest rate risks. The principal value of a bond falls when interest rates rise and rise when interest rates fall. During periods of rising interest rates, the value of a bond investment is at greater risk than during periods of stable or falling rates. International investing involves increased risk and volatility. The Fund’s concentration in energy-related industry securities may present more risks than would be the case with funds that diversify investments in numerous industries and sectors of the economy. A downturn in the energy sectors would have a larger impact on the Fund than on a fund that does not concentrate in these industries. Energy sector securities can be significantly affected by events related to political developments, energy conservation, commodity prices, and tax and government regulations. The performance of securities in the Fund may, at times, lag the performance of companies in other sectors or the broader market as a whole.
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